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When accepted, buyer will agree as to sales terms, deliveries, quantities and time limit of contract.  All dimension lumber and sheathing must be delivered within 30 days.  ALL SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS SUBJECT TO PRICE AT THE TIME THE ORDER IS PLACED.  Balance of materials on this estimate must be within 90 days from date of acceptance.  Overages in excess of 10% will be charged at prevailing rate.  We reserve the right to correct any mathematical errors.  Reimbursement by either party will be paid upon proof of correction.


All orders, sales contracts or shipments will be accepted and executed by Forest Lumber & Building Supply with following TERMS & CONDITIONS:

1.  TERMS:  30 DAYS NET.  IMPORTANT: FINANCE CHARGE is computed by a “PERIODIC RATE” of 2% per month (or a minimum charge of $1.00 for balances under $50.00) on all balances after deducting current payments and/or credits.  The buyer agrees that any FINANCE CHARGES computed will become part of his financial obligation to seller.  All invoices referred for collection will be subject to costs of collection and attorney’s fees and interest at the then maximum rate.  The billing name and address and all other representations and conditions set forth on this invoice shall be deemed accepted by the customer unless we are notified in writing within 5 days of any error or claim regarding this invoice.

2.  All special order items will be billed and paid for in full, when they are ordered.   There are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations on special order items.

3.  Delay in, or failure to make deliveries (total or partial) due in whole or part to strikes, lockouts, labor troubles, fires, windstorms, floods, act of God, inability to secure cars, and or any other causes beyond our control will not constitute a default.

4.  Shipments shall be inspected upon receipt and if any errors or irregularities exist, they must be reported to us in writing before using the merchandise and within 5 days of receipt of goods, otherwise no claims or adjustments of any kind will be recognized.  We assume no responsibility for the use of the merchandise shipped and when placed in work constitutes acceptance by the customer.  Shortages must be indicated on the driver’s “Sign & Return” copy.

5.  A 25% return charge will be made on stock goods returned for credit and accompanied by original sales ticket and receipt.  No goods shall be returned to us without our consent.  Returned goods must be in same condition as at time of initial purchase.  No returns, cancellations, or exchanges, regardless of condition, after 30 days.

6.  Any adjustment for defective material shall be made on a basis of replacement of the material and no other basis.  We are not responsible for extra costs, indirect damages, or consequential damages.

7.  The purchaser is responsible for adequate access to delivery location and assumes liability for damage to property or equipment when trucks are required to leave highways or accepted streets.  We do so at your risk and we will not be responsible for broken walks, driveways or the damage resulting therefrom.